What do sea grapes taste like?

The sea grapes don’t just look amazing, they taste delicious too!

But how exactly do sea grapes taste like?

Sea grapes taste slightly like the nori seaweed you probably know but have a consistency like real caviar which makes them absolutely unique.

They’re crunchy and crisp with a slightly salty taste, a crisp freshness kick when eating natural sea grapes is guaranteed.

They’re a little bit salty and burst when you bite down on them. They are really fun to try! The bubbles break on your tongue and release a slightly salty taste that will remind you of cucumber.

Some of our customers say that the sea grape taste is slightly peppery but refreshing and reminds you of fresh cucumber. The taste and mouth feel are similar to caviar. It has some resemblance with salicornia or samphire too. Sonia from Germany even calls it the “tastiest seaweed I’ve eaten so far”.

海ぶどう umi-budo is an Okinawan delicacy. The name is literally a “sea grapes” and it’s a tasty seaweed.

Sea Grapes (Caulerpa lentillifera) — also known as “Green Caviar”, or “Umi Budo” in Japan. It’s a seaweed harvested from the warm waters off the coast of Okinawa. The seaweed gets its name from the unique texture it offers when eaten, which is similar to that of Tobiko.

Refrigeration after harvesting accelerates the withering process, so the best Sea Grapes are ones that have been stored properly at temperatures similar to that of the Okinawan seaweed beds (roughly room temperature). Sea Grapes are salty but when dropped into a fresh water bath, the osmosis of the fresh water into the more-saline cell walls of the seaweed cause it to swell dramatically, restoring the texture but dulling the flavor.