Soba Bowl with green Caviar – it’s a traditional Japanese Recipe

Soba Soup with green Caviar

Do you want to make a very traditional noodle soup from Japan named SOBA?

This Soba, there are different kinds of added ingredients, then Japanese called them a little bit different.

But extremely aromatic is this noodle soup definitly !!!!

Ingredients are: pork belly, fish cakes (the fried fish cake in Japanese Satsumaage means), chopped spring onions and red-pickled ginger.

More and more often you will find as a side dish also sea grapes and of course the special rather tough noodles (alternative would be the Udon noodles but never ramen) and Dashi broth (Japanese name Katsuo) with the spicy flavor (this is what the Japanese call umami).

A great guide is available at Nami, which has published a really detailed guide with pictures and video including ingredient list, here is a link to her page:

credit: Soba by Nami



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