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Umibudo Sea Grapes “Green Caviar”

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These little jewels are a delight! Watch them transform into iridescent green strings of pearls when soaked in fresh water. The burst of creamy, saline flavour on your tongue is mineral-rich and juicy.

Grown in the seas around Japan, sea grapes are widely found in Japanese cuisine, where they are called umibudo.

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The 2mm pearls are a fantastic caviar substitute and work perfectly as a canapé topping or plate garnish. Tucked into sushi rolls, the little explosions of flavour will surprise and entertain diners.


We proudly present our latest discovery from the depths of the ocean: Green caviar from Japan, Okinawa!

Sea grapes, also known as Umibudo, is a tropical aquatic vegetable that loves clean water and is very popular in Japan where it is considered a delicacy. It is highly regarded for its succulent appearance, refreshing taste and pleasing “pop” when you eat it.


Many small greenish shimmering pearls occupy the panicles of these sea algae, which is why they have the name “sea grapes”. They are rich in iodine and are eaten in Japan as a salad dressing, flavored with some vinegar or as a decoration of food.

Dehydrated Sea Grapes (Umibudo algae), preserved in seawater

The green caviar is dehydrated fresh sealed in a 3.5oz/100gr packaging.

After opening the packaging, the algae grapes are placed in approx. 1 liter of lukewarm water for approx. 3 minutes each time and gently agitated and cleaned. The algae returns to their initial state. After this procedure, the sea pearls have increased their dehydrated weight by 3-5 times!

The initial ‘algae sea breeze’ vanishes. The algae will multiply in front of your eyes, they will regain the original consistency, shape and size they had before dehydration. Now they are crispy-fresh and ready for direct consumption.

You can also remove only a small amount of the bag. It should then be closed again immediately thereafter.


The green dehydrated caviar is stable in the unopened, sealed package at room temperature for 12 months in a location without direct sunlight, for exmaple in your pantry. When opened, consume within 5 days, keeping the seabream floating in the water at room temperature and rinse again in lukewarm water before consumption.

Seagrapes are grown in tropical waters and do not like cold conditions, you may serve them on ice prior to eating them but for storage you should choose a place outside the fridge with no direct sunlight, roomtemperature is fine.

all organic Umibudo Sea Grapes Green Caviar

A small guide to sea grapes – We’ve published an extensive guide on sea grapes here.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Lovely and fresh once reconstituted. Slight sliminess in the way seaweed has. Nice texture!

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