Organic Rainbow Colors – Set of 20 natural food dyes

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Mother Nature’s most precious food dyes – a beautiful set consisting of 20 different all organic food colors that will amaze you.
Color your food, sweets and smoothies the natural and healthy way!

  • Your selection of 20 different organic food dyes
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  • Create many more colors by mixing them together
  • No caffeine, No artifical sugars, No nasty chemicals.
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YOUR selection of 20
All natural food colors

The “Rainbow Colors” are 100% natural and organic, made from REAL flowers, roots, barks and fruits.

Use these natural food dyes to create beautiful and delicious smoothies, pasta or baked goods.

Get your 20 organic food colors now and start living life in color!

Rainbow Color Food Dyes

The Rainbow Colors consist of 20 carefully curated natural food colors from all over the world. The colors include blue, green, yellow, orange and various pink and red hues – all organic from plants, flowers and roots. No chemicals whatsoever have been used in the growing nor production process.

In order to turn the organic flowers, roots and plants into powder we use a very time-consuming process. We harvest the plant, then air-dry it for several days and then use large grinders/mills to turn everything into a fine powder.

Below you’ll find a list of all organic food dyes currently available.

Your can select 20 different food dyes from any of the currently available natural food dyes in our shop for your order (see list below).

We’ll reach out to you via e-mail right after your order to help you with your selection:

Use healthy natural food colors

We trust you’ll enjoy our all natural food colors which contain No Caffeine, No Sugar, No Chemicals.

Nutritionist have been calling for a “Ban of chemical food coloring” due to their unhealthy side effects.

Do your body a favor and start using the organic version. The flavor, aroma and taste are all natural!

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With your set of 20 organic & all natural food dyes in high-quality resealable doypacks you can get very creative.
We’ve collected a few examples from happy customers who shared their natural food coloring recipes with us below.

@elavegan made a colorful chia smoothie bowl and served it in a coconut, which we simply love. The smoothie base is just plain banana icecream (just blend frozen bananas until creamy). Get the full recipe on our blog and start enjoying the natural goodness of organic food dyes.

The internet and cookbooks are packed with colorful rainbow cakes, but they’re all made with artifical food colors! Choose the healthy way and substitute the chemical stuff with organic goodness. The colors of hibiscus, tumeric, spinach, butterfly pea and chlorella are just as vivid.

Food Stylist lulusdreamtown creates these mouth-watering blue desserts on a regular basis. The butterfly pea flower powder contained in the rainbow colors set turns a LOT of foods blue, try it in your yogurt, milk, pasta, rice, chia seeds … the list goes on!

Blue Coconut Protein Zoothie Bowl by @healthyeating_jo! A healthy and good-looking combination of frozen banana, butterfly pea flower powder, spirulina, silken tofu and coconut milk protein topped with a few fresh tropical fruits and you’ve got yourself a perfect breakfast to start your day.

@elavegan made homemade bagels with all kind of different toppings and shared the recipe on our blog. Our favorite is the Blue bagel which is made using coconut yogurt with passionfruit and butterfly pea flower powder. Be sure to follow her on Instragram for more of these mouth-watering recipes made with all organic food dyes.


@rawcrush created these all blue burgers with butterfly pea powder pizza buns, Korean bbq tofu and salad. You can add butterfly pea flower powder to (almost) any food or clear liquid to make it blue, for blue burgers you’ll just have to add a few teaspoons of the food dye to the tough, then bake as you normally would.

Benefits of natural food colors