Pure black Squid Ink Powder

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Used as a natural black food coloring, giving food a black color and a slightly salty taste.

Squid is very low in calories and rich in protein. Some popular dishes are octopus in squid ink, spaghetti in squid ink, risotto and paella, cuttlefish ink bread or black squid ink ice-cream.

Our squid ink powder contains no preservatives, no thickeners, no sugar or any stabilizers, plus it has a much longer shelf life than liquid squid ink!

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100% pure black Squid Ink Powder, also known as cuttlefish black ink powder.

Black Sepia Squid Ink, which is appreciated for its natural black coloring in the kitchen to color and spice up food in the Mediterranean kitchen, is often used in pasta, risotto and seafood to make it into a deep black and give it a pleasant salty, umami-rich flavor.

Dissolve the sepia ink powder in a small amount of water and then mix it with the ingredients/food. The ink powder is a strong food dye so that even a small amount of powder is enough to achieve a deep black color and slightly salty taste. With the bright black color and squid flavor, you can really enjoy everything the sea has to offer in terms of seafood. Black sepia ink is 100% safe to eat and has been used as natural black food dye for thousands of years. A classic Spanish dish is squid served in a sauce of its own ink, called “En Su Tinta”.

Our squid ink powder contains no preservatives, thickeners, sugars nor any stabilizers as the liquid version of squid ink does.

Our powder is very yielding and has a much longer shelf life than liquid black sepia ink.

During a study on the antioxidant activities of squid powder, the ink was dried using a freeze dryer and ground to powder. Thus, the ink powder contained protein as a main component. It’s a new health product in the 21st century for a healthy diet with potential health benefits beyond basic nutrition.
Functional food should be or look like a traditional meal and must be part of our daily diet.
Cuttlefish ink has been used for many practical and commercial purposes over the millennia, especially in medicine, cuisine and art.
Natural antioxidants from marine resources, especially from seafood by-products, contain. dietary antioxidants.

Black sepia ink is produced by collecting the ink sack from squid producing farms (seafood farms) which are then dried and sterilized. Afterwards we filter out any impurities such as remaining parts from the squid and spray dry the black squid ink. This process is followed by sieving the final powder prior to packing the powder into our resealable aluminium doypacks and passing inspection.

  • Supplied in sealed, resealable aroma protection bag
  • Ingredients: 100% black sepia ink powder
  • Net weight: 3.5oz/ 100g
  • Storage Instructions:  Dry, Cool & Dark Conditions
  • Country of Origin: Pacific Ocean
  • Processed and manufactured in: Germany
  • Shelf life: 2 years from production
  • Dietary & Allergy Info: Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Natural | GMO Free
  • Manufactured by:  Fluxias GmbH, 88263 Horgenzell, Germany
Pure black Squid Cuttlefish Squid Ink Powder Nutritional Info

How to make Squid ink tuile

How to make easy squid ink tapioca crackers

on the right is a delicious

black squid ink ice-cream (squid ink gelato)

called “sailor’s vanilla”. Photo credit: foodsavvy presents: the chocolate mushroom

salors_s_vanilla squid ink icecream


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