Seagrapes meets Gourmet Appetizer

Creation of marinated beef carpaccio, sea grapes, passion fruits and beetroot turnips

definitly delicate !!!

green caviar beef carpaccio appetizer

preparation of food

Prepare Seagrapes for guidance (the evening before or at least 1h before start)

Freeze the beef, cut thinly and cut into pieces

Boil and dice beets
Halve passion fruits and remove whole pulp
Combine marinade and season to taste. Gently mix pieces of beef, seagrapes, beets and pulp of passion fruit with beef carpaccio

Decorate with a seaweed pearl-necklace

seagrapes pearlnecklaceseagrapes pearlnecklace
80g beef
2 ripe passion fruits
2 small red beets
25g extra virgin olive oil
6g fresh lime juice
2g sherry vinegar

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