SEAGRAPE Shot with Ponzu Sake Yolk

Recipe for 2 shots:

– 1 tbsp Ponzu aroma (see recipe from Nami)


– 0.5 tablespoons of vinegar

– some light soy

– 1 tsp Mirin

– 2 tbsp of chilled dry sake

– 2 egg yolks of 2 quail eggs or 50/50 in each jar of 1 chicken yolk

– some chives

– 4 strands of Seagrapes (soaked and rinsed see how-to description)


– Mussel meat (oysters, etc.) or caviar (salmon rye)

– edible gold leaf dust

– Tabasco


Mix sake with a ponzu base (alternatively the rice vinegar, with a splash of light soy and mirin). This Sauce about 60 minutes in the fridge.

Now take the mix out of the fridge, stuff it in your Shoot glasses. Carefully the egg yolk in and cut 1 string of Seagrapes into short pieces.  Optional also the mussel meat / salmon rye or Tabasco.

Finally garnish the drink with the chives and 1 Seagrape-chain. Tip: The whole thing becomes luxurious with some gold leaf dust about the decorated Seagrape


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