Sea Grapes Specifications

Product name Seagrapes24 – Dehydrated Sea Grapes
Production area Okinawa, Japan
Processing factory Horgenzell, Germany
Ingredients Sea Grape (Caulerpa lentillifera), natural ocean salt
Pack specification 3.5oz/100g of dehydrated seagrapes per pack

Stanard: single

350g / m² GC Chromo Carton

Inside dimension width (W): 100mm
Inside dimension depth (D): 20mm
Inside dimension height (H): 150mm

Bulk: according to your wholesale order
Use by date 12 months from packing day

Net weight: 3.5oz (100g℮)

Best before: minimum of 6 months after purchase, 12 months after production

Contents: 100% dehydrated sea grapes containing natural sea salts.
Dietary & Allergy Info: 100% Vegan, Natural & Raw
Gluten & Dairy Free | Non-GMO
Rich in minerals such as: iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, copper and Vitamin A and C.
Country of Origin: Japan, Okinawa
Distributed by: Fluxias GmbH, Rolgenmoos 2, 88263 Germany