Sea Grapes Production & Farming

Here is how our sea grapes makes its way to you:

sea grapes farm


We grow our sea grapes in an environmentally friendly farms as though not to damage any local marine wildlife or corals. Sea grapes (green caviar) is very delicate in nature, so growing conditions need to be very specific in a sheltered

Due to its delicate nature, we grow our green caviar in a sheltered surrounding. Only with the correct water temperature (they’re tropical in nature, so warm at 25°C/77°F+ is perfect), salt content and amount of direct sunlight do they thrive and develop into a delicious and nutritious seaweed.

The high salinity and stable water temperatures make tropical waters an ideal place for growing high quality sea grapes. Bright sunlight and soft sea beds high in nutrients help the green caviar to grow fast and strong.


Sea Grapes can only be harvested by hand. In order not to damage local marine life we plant our green caviar in submerged crates which get lifted up to sea level and the sea grape strings are then harvested very carefully. This ensures optimal freshness and short production times as the sea grapes get dehydrated directly after harvest.

Please note that we do not use any chemicals throughout the entire growing, harvesting or packaging process – what you receive is a 100% natural product.


As soon as the sea grapes have been freshly harvested they undergo a strict quality control inspection before being cleaned and filtered several times on site. Sea grapes love sunlight and oxygen rich water, so prior to dehydrating them we soak them in oxygenated clean waters to make sure they stay fresh for a full 12 months are are clean enough for you to eat them straight once soaked in your kitchen.

All sea grapes are inspected and graded thoroughly with care and attention.

Shipping & Delivery

The sea grapes get packed in high-quality doypacks with a net weight of 3.5oz/100g in their dehydrated status. Seagrapes24 dispatches parcels within 24h of payment from our distribution hub in Germany via UPS Express and Deutsche Post DHL to anywhere in the world. Have a look at our FAQs for more info on shipping. In general UPS Express takes approx 2-3 business days to reach you, and Deutsche Post DHL takes at least 5-7 days.

Dehydrated seagrapes do not require refrigeration nor cool temperatures, so shipping during high summer temperatures or warmer locations such as Australia or Texas in not an issue.

How do we produce green caviar?

The green caviar is collected freshly in Okinawa, Japan, then dehydrated and sealed in 100g/3.5oz packs made out of high quality aluminium to allow for a maximum of shelf storage life. The sea grapes will multiply in front of your eyes once washed and soaked in cold, clean water. They will then regain their original consistency, shape and size. Now they are crisp-fresh for consumption.


Dehydrated sea grapes will look like this once they reach you from our warehouse in Germany…

… soak them in fresh water for 5 minutes and those 100g/3.5oz will yield approx 500g/1 pound…

… of fresh sea grapes ready to be enjoyed raw in delicious salads or as an exotic ingredient in all your dishes!