Ochazuke – Japanese green tea rice balls with seagrapes

 Ingredients for 4 portions

* Simmer 2 teaspoons of green tea in 0.8 l of hot water for 8 minutes

* 2 tbsp shoyu

* 1 tbsp sesame oil

* 4 cups of cooked rice

* some dried seaweed of your choice, small pieces

* 250 gr fried salmon, pulled

* Egg thin omelettes (6-8 eggs)

* Seagrapes, quantity as you want



Add shoyu and sesameoil into the greentea water and stir 8 min.

Cook the rice and add the dried crumbled seaweed, shredded salmon and shape into a ball,

garnish with green caviar and gently put the green tea with shoyu and sesame oil on the serving plate. Cut the omelettes into strips and knot each strip once and place it in the green tea soup

Enjoy your meal!

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