How to prepare Green Caviar Seagrapes

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How do you prepare green caviar sea grapes?
Before serving, lightly wash the sea grapes to remove the sea water and soak them for a couple of minutes in water at room temperature. Sea Grapes are eaten raw and can be served in a variety of ways. A popular idea is to dip them in soy sauce and wasabi as you would do with sushi. It can also be added to the top of a salad, making it an exotic dish.

Placing your sea grapes in fresh ice water for a couple of minutes will make them even more crunchy without any “fishy” smell, a very refreshing snack unlike the “nori” seaweed you might know from sushi. Take the now crunchy green sea grapes out after a couple of minutes and enjoy!

Step 1: Take the sea grapes out of bag, then put them in clean water for around 5 minutes. Your sea grapes will start to soak in the water, refreshing themselves basically and expanding in size 5-fold. Rinse your sea grapes in clean, cold water twice, each time for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Directly eat sea grapes with sauces you love. They go very well on their own with soy sauce, lemon juice, wasabi, mayonnaise, chili or with cold salads or when used in cooked dishes.

Recommended as crunchy salad booster, snack, appetizer, canapé, antipasti, entrée, hors d’oeuvre or a decorative sideboard.

Basically unknow outside of Japan sea grapes make an awesome addition to any salad!

Sea grapes presented right after harvest
Sea Grapes Instructions

how to get them back to life

and get up to 5 times the amount and volume !

You receive a rare raw and dehydrated Umibudo seaweed from
These seagrapes are dehydrated in brine and ideal for shipping and storage and will change to its original appearance with the following method:
As soon as you want to taste it, prepare it. Don’t worry, it’s long lasting as it’s dehydrated – see best before date on the packaging.

Open the packaging, put the cluster of green caviar in warm or cold water around 5 minutes, the seagrapes regenerate before your eyes.

Rinse your sea grapes twice at room temperature

Do not freeze or put them in the fridge

rinse dehydrated seagrapes in warm or cool water
soak green caviar 5 min up to 1h

Then leave them 5 to max. 60 minutes in tempered water, so that the sea grapes are ‘awakened’ again and can fill. Thus, their size and weight will increase to 5 times the original state.

Tip: Before serving, wrap the Umibudo on ice for one minute to get a sturdy and crispy texture.

Please consume within 5 days of opening the bag.

If you don’t need all the quantity, just take the amount you need (remember that weight and volume increase by up to five times) and close the packaging again, use the rest within 5 days when stored at room temperature

okinawa seapearls
Fresh green caviar presented on wooden plate

Directly eat the sea grapes raw with sauces you love. They go very well on their own with soy sauce, lemon juice, wasabi, mayonnaise, chili, cold salads or when used in cooked dishes.
Recommended as crunchy and vegetarian salad booster, snack, appetizer, canapé, niblet, antipasti, entree, hors d’oeuvre or a decorative sideboard. In Japan Umibudo is mainly served raw as a side dish or to create Te-Maki Sushi Temaki Gunkan-Maki Nigiri Sashimi Chirashi-Sushi Oshi-Sushi Inari-Sushi

seagrapes packaging green caviar
inner packaging dehydrated sea grapes green caviar
dehydrated seagrapes refreshed green caviar

Your sea grapes will reach you in this pack

Open the inner packaging

Follow the directions below. Rinse and soak, and enjoy this awesome taste experience!