Enjoying exceptional ice cream at home!!!

sweet salty green caviar ice


green caviar

milk, vanilla pods (bought finished vanilla ice cream)
meringue or marshmellows
pinch of salt
pushed pepper
Salt pretzels / savory biscuits


seagrapes ice sweet salty


To enjoy Umibudo ice cream at home, simply simmer milk with vanilla essence. After cooling down into the freezer.

Take it out again and add shredded meringue pieces or chopped marshmellow (possibly 1 yolk) and sea grapes, these should also be cut slightly. Then everything comes back in the freezer.

Serving on a plate with wasabi sauce, crushed pepper and some small salted prezel


seagrapes soft-ice HOT HOT

You can also buy a ready-made ice cream (no matter what flavor) and

garnish this with sea grapes, prezels, pepper, Wasabisauce,

very daring try Seagrapes ice cream on sweet potato fries

pistachio ice cream with seaweed seagrapes

seagraps – seaweed with pistachio ice cream



For example 

atlasobscura reported about flavored ice creams that also taste sweet, sour, salty and spicy! An ice cream that tastes like dill, cucumber with a fiery fruit-/chilli-sauce

or on RTL you’ll see a report about ice cream on sweet potato french-fries !

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