Dip sauces for ocean grapes

ponzu sauce


Ponzu sauce is a classic Japanese spicy sauce, it has a refreshing taste with a tart and spicy taste similar to vinegar and is versatile in Japanese cuisine It contains a mixture of ponzu (citrus juice Sudachi, yuzu and kabosu and vinegar), Soy sauce, sugar or mirin and dashi.

How to make homemade ponzu sauce you can see at Nami at this link.

To make a “fast” version of Ponzu at home, you only need to combine equal parts of soy sauce and fresh lemon juice, plus a little sweetness from Mirin.


spicy Thai Fishsauce

mixe: 8 gloves of garlic, ½ bunch of cilantro, 5 red chili pods, 4 green chili pods, 6 leaves basil, 1 chines parsley root and 5 leaves of mint  and taste it with lime juice

Miso sauce

stir 1 tsp miso paste and 1 tsp water up in the bowl and taste with lemon, pinch of pepper and 1 tsp brown sugar, put the capers in the sauce

greencaviar Dip sauces

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