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Seaweed delicacies to raise your taste buds to another level.

Seagrapes24’s mission is for your to discover and experience delicious, exotic seaweeds from around the world.

We deliver sea grapes, which are delightful little green pearls also known as green caviar, globally and provide you with carefully selected recipes for a healthier, tastier food experience!

On our travels through Asia we’ve discovered loads of fantastic, delicious and exotic foods but what really blew us away was one variety of seaweed, called “sea grapes”.

Not only does it pack a nutritional punch, it also tastes super yummy!

Only downside – once harvested you’ve got to consume the luscious sea grapes within a few days – that is until now!

How you ask?
By carefully dehydrating them, making them last a full year without refrigeration.

Once you receive your dehydrated sea grapes, you simply place them in water for a couple of minutes and they’ll soak up and increase in size immediately.

They taste just as freshly harvested, with all the nutrients.

Sea Grapes - Luxury goes Organic

With our busy lifestyles, our nutrition tends to suffer as we oftentimes prefer convenience and fast food rather than preparing our own meals in the kitchen. We want to change that by offering you the convenience of dehydrated sea grapes in combination with dozens of delicious recipes.

Why would you want to go for fast food when you could prepare a yummy salad with healthy sea grapes in less than 5 minutes? Using sea grapes in the kitchen is healthy, affordable and convenient at the same time.

We invite you to try some of our carefully selected sea grapes recipes and we’re sure you’ll fall on love with the “green caviar”!

Seagrapes24 is the brain child of 5 passionate entrepreneurs who have shared interest in travelling, fine food and exotic cuisine, curiosity and a great love for nature and earth in general. Founded in Germany in 2016 we distribute delicious, raw and vegan sea grapes globally with the US and Asia being our largest markets. Demand for sea grapes has been increasing exponentially since launching our dehydrated sea grapes, so we’re constantly looking to expand organic production in Japan.

Everyone in the team has a special eye for the extraordinary and gets hooked when it comes to new discoveries. Once we are convinced that a certain food discovery should be made accessible to the rest of the world our mission begins.

Then our goals and visions are implemented, making sure at all times that our products are sourced and produced sustainably alongside fair working environments for the farmers we work with. We organize ecological and social-sustainable sales channels from and to the farmers, supporting them towards a secure, independent future. The digital natives and creative minds in our team then get to work and set the product in scene, opening the door to the world for a specific product – such as we’re going with our exotic sea grapes.

As we mentioned at the beginning, traveling and food hunting is our passion and we not neglect that to make sure we always find the latest food trends! Having itchy-feed, we take turns travelling and you can be sure that we’ll introduce more exotic and delicious fine foods soon.

Why Seagrapes24?

  • We offer global express delivery through UPS and TNT
  • Exclusive to us: Dehydration that allows for a shelf life of 1 year
  • Sea grapes fom farm to table – freshly dehydrated by us and “awakened” by you
  • Environmentally friendly, harvest and processed by hand in floating farms
  • All natural – perfect for vegans and vegetarians. All of our superfoods contain natural ingredients. There are no additives, no preservatives and no hidden baddies. Our processing facility ensures that all our products are gluten free and vegan.
  • B2C and B2B partner – expert delivery for fine food restaurants and stores
  • Friendly and fast customer service
  • We work socially sustainable, with local farmers in mind
  • Exclusivity from the heart of Europe, quality made in Germany
  • 100% Cruelty free – no harm to wildlife, fish or reefs. We only grow sea grapes in our own farms without hurting the environment. No wild harvest but controlled farming

Plus, worry-free shopping with the Seagrapes24 Guarantee
Not satisfied with your purchase? Try sea grapes for 30 days and if, at any time during those 30 days, you’re unsatisfied, you may return it for store credit or receive a full refund for unopened/untested products (less shipping charges).

Careful, you'll get hooked to our yummy sea grapes

Sea grapes are iridescent like tiny jewels and shades range from jade green to deep moss green. This miniature type of seaweed belongs to the group of extraordinary sea vegetables cultivated in Okinawa.

When you bite into it thereby popping the little beads in your mouth a delicate peppery salty refreshment unfolds on the palate.

Umibudo is the Japanese name of this green seaweed which has a soft but also crispy texture.

Hundreds of small, green, transparent aquatic pearls grow on each string of sea grape seaweed.


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